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I have no idea what motivated some cook years and years ago to take perfectly good stewed sliced apples and put extra time and effort into mashing them up and calling them applesauce. Really, homemade apple sauce is just stewed apples with another name. But someone somewhere decided that mashing those stewed apples was an excellent idea. And, over the years, I’ve discovered that a number of women I know have, unlike me, made homemade apple sauce at one time or another.

They obviously saw the attraction. I never did, until recently. The apple sauce at the store was good enough for me. But over recent weeks, I began to think I might try taking stewed apples to another level and make my very own apple sauce.

It sounds so rustic, so authentic. “Oh, my dear, you buy your apple sauce at the store? Not me, oh no. I make my own apple sauce—from real apples that I picked in an orchard. Yes, this apple sauce is the real thing.”

Of course, as anyone who has made homemade apple sauce should know, store-bought apple sauce and homemade apple sauce are two different foods, really. I imagine that you can get your homemade apple sauce to resemble store-bought apple sauce if you really, really spend time and effort on it. But really—admit it—your average homemade apple sauce is stewed apples that, for whatever reason, possibly boredom, a cook has decided to mash up.

I did it with a potato masher. But let me back up: First I cored and sliced six apples, a mix of Jonathan, Honeycrisp, and Empire. I dumped them in a large skillet and added a ½ cup of apple juice, some lemon juice, and cinnamon. Then I let them simmer over low heat (stirring often) for approximately 20 minutes, mixed in ½ cup Splenda and ½ tsp. nutmeg, and removed the apples from the heat. Then I mashed them up.

I don’t why I needed to mash them up. As I’ve said, I don’t know why anyone originally thought that mashing stewed apples would improve on the dish. Even if you were toothless, it wouldn’t be easier to eat mashed apples than regular stewed apples. But mash them I did, because I didn’t want to be left out of the Homemade Apple Sauce Club.

The resulting mashed apples—not apple sauce, that’s the stuff in the jar that I bought at Walmart—were delicious, I have to admit. Last night I served them warm, as a side dish to accompany French bread pizza. Tonight we are going to eat more of the mashed apples, chilled, with chicken fillet sandwiches.

Anyway, now I can say I’ve done it. I have made mashed apples—okay, apple sauce, to those of you who think it should be called that. And I am now rustic and authentic and all that enviable stuff.

Also, I am now going to find some poor person who has not made mashed-up homemade apple sauce before and make her feel that she is missing out. She really is, poor thing.

Comments on: "Delicious Mashed Apples, aka Homemade Apple Sauce" (5)

  1. Oh you sweet thing, you missed the obvious. You didn’t just make mashed apples (apple sauce), you made SUGAR FREE CINNAMON MASHED APPLES. You just took your dish to an entirely new level. Congrats and WELCOME to the club. Though your membership might just be at the standard level for now. I don’t think you can join us on the GOLD level until you have canned at least 25 quarts in your very own kitchen. *smile*

    • Heather, you’re right–I DID take it to the next level, didn’t I? I had to make sure not to tell Chris about the Splenda before he ate them the first time, though. If I do, all he can think about is whether he can taste the artificial sweetener. I have not yet developed a passion for canning, which scares me. But the idea has tugged at me a couple of times, so I may yet reach the GOLD level. Some day!

  2. I read this post at Heathers Urging. I have one question that I am not sure was answered in the blog..

    Did you buy the apples at the store or pick them from a local orchard. (Picking them from the store basket doesn’t quite count as picking…)

  3. We will patiently await your arrival to the GOLD level, I am sure by next summer you will be canning all sorts of things. Maybe I can interest you in square foot gardening? It really is simple and yummy all at the same time!

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