experiments in cooking

For weeks now, I’ve wanted to try baking an apple galette, and last Saturday I finally did.

I used a Joy of Cooking recipe, which is very similar to most of the apple galette recipes you’ll find online. This one was very simple and called for a single round pie crust, small amount of butter, 2 medium to large apples (peeled, cored and sliced), cinnamon, and sugar. Nothing to it!

Preparation was simple. I placed a sheet of wax paper on a pizza pan and lay a pre-made pie crust on the wax paper. I spread a thin layer of meltedbutter over the crust, then sprinkled a small amount of real sugar on the crust. Next I arranged the apple slices (I used Golden Delicious) on the crust in roughly concentric circles. Then I added Splenda in place of sugar along with ¼ tsp cinnamon. You could use as much or as little cinnamon as you like. Personally, I like a lot of cinnamon, especially in autumn.

I baked the galette at a high temperature around 400 for 30 minutes, then lowered the temp to 350 and baked the galette until it was golden brown. After removing it from the oven, I drizzled a little more melted butter over the apples, but I think that step could be optional.

That’s all it takes!

An apple galette looks like a dessert pizza, and you can slice it with a pizza cutter. I think that made serving it extra fun. I like anything that makes me think of pizza.

Although it was such a simple dessert, the apple galette got a lot of compliments from my husband and dinner guests. Very little work for a delicious dessert and a lot of praise—now that’s what I like.


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